Key Takeaways from 2013


Hey folks,

It’s been a bit. Happy New Year! So, I thought to share a few lessons I learned from the past year, before the hype dies down and the takeaways evolve beyond the realm of 2013. They are in no specific order, and I warn you, I may rumble at times but here goes!

Emerge from trying circumstances with self-awareness and gratitude for the lessons learned.

It is for this reason alone that I am sharing my experiences thus far. It’s been a challenging year in which I quit my job to start Sparkplug but I have enjoyed every minute of the learning experience. The positive experiences kept me going forward, while I learned from the negative. I feel like a much better person now, which leads me to the next takeaway.

Do not stall.

Always have the fear of being complacent or stagnant. If you’re no better than you were six months ago, something needs to change. Iterate, experiment and seek to make a better you. Invest time and energy in creating an optimal present and future for yourself. Needless to say, a better you translates to a happier you.

Be nice.

Do not go out of your way to displease others, especially as a way of projecting an image of strength. Be kind, and fair but always speak your mind. If there’s one thing I have noticed, the most successful people, like Aamito, Beyonce, and Bill Gates to name but a few are humble, respectful but also speak honestly. It’s a karma thing.

Do not give up.

I cannot overstate this. It speaks for itself. Go ahead and imagine Morgan Freeman reading this out loud to you. No one who ever gave up achieved anything. Dr. Arsene Wenger did not give up after guiding his club, Arsenal FC, to eight trophyless seasons. Here’s to hoping he does not make it nine. Hehehe.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

―Winston Churchill


Be self-reflective in an accurate and productive way. Don’t get comfortable. Challenge yourself to think outside your box. Be hard on your opinions and perceptions. Polish them so that no matter what, they are mindful of others, but fully owned by you. This is one way I have learned to keep evolving myself without getting in anyone’s way.

Spend time with yourself.

As it turns out, you will be surprised at how not boring you are. Its probable that you are not the most boring person you know. That said, I do not recommend a non-stop, one person party, but rather an opportunity to carve out “Heads Down” time. Rest yourself. And yes, you can be happy alone, as with others.

Play the long game.

If anything is worth getting into, you have to invest time, and not expect immediate results. Imagine is as a roller coaster, with all the thrills, highs and lows, in slow motion. And while you do it, celebrate the successes, learn from the failures, and enjoy growth, naturally.

Keep tabs.

Keep a journal, or something like it, and write down your experiences. Be original. Don’t lie to yourself. Write about what you know, feel, see, think. It will serve as a reference when you gauge your evolution and growth at a later time.Think of it as a personal history archive, that is not Facebook. Hehehe.

The investment in knowledge yields the best results.

―Benjamin Franklin

Enhance your knowledge.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The investment in knowledge yields the best results”. He was a wise man, take his advice. Find the knowledge to fill the gaps in your skills, or feed your curiosity. In any case, you never know when that tidbit of information will win you a round of drinks at the next Trivia night!

Have a code.

Set rules and follow them consistently. Not that I have anything against unrestricted freedom, I just think its better to have bounds before limitless options become your indecision prison. Specifics bring clarify. Remember this though, the rules you make are yours to follow, not set for those around you.

That should be it. Happy Friday everyone! :)