10000 and Hennepin

So, I just returned from my second trip to Minneapolis, a thoroughly beautiful cyclist paradise and the largest city in Minnesota. It was such a wonderful cultural experience as this time I had to spend a much longer time on our business engagements than earlier anticipated. Our client, Starkey Hearing Foundation gracefully hosted us for a month as we worked on a highly impactful information system that would improve the efficiency with which they carry out hearing health missions in over 40 countries around the globe.

There is a lot to write about when churning through a myriad of new experiences, culture and surroundings. I have been thinking about how to share the experience without using up 30 paragraphs. One for each day. However, I realize that that is too cumbersome, even for the most avid reader. As such, I took to what I do best; finding a workable technology solution to my problem. And I did! It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I put together a series of photos that sum up my experience that past month, and put them on a map that is easy to navigate.

I used a lean and minimal piece of software that also happens to be open source. Please check out my story map below and leave comments, share thoughts, and let me know if there’s typos in here.

Happy day!