Brief history of my work

I have worked on a number of fun projects with impact-driven organizations over the years. Here are some of the highlights from my experience. :sunflower: :sun_with_face: :blossom:

Work highlights

Explored opportunities in digital financial services as an Entrepreneurship in Residence with Hover Developer Services.
Worked with various stakeholders at World Bank CGAP and MTN Group to deliver the MTN Mobile Money Open API.
Moved to Timor-Leste to join Catalpa in building the country's first m-health project, Liga Inan, a maternal and child health initiative. Obrigado Barak!
Worked with Starkey Hearing Foundation global team to build a management platform for hearing aid missions. Minneapolis to Madagascar!
Joined UNICEF's Technology for Development unit to work on Edutrac and U-Report. Rest In Peace, Sharad.
Accepted into Global Health Corps Fellowship, a movement for global health equity. Was introduced to Global Health work and policy, y'all.
Joined MIT iLabs Africa at Makerere University. Learned a lot about using open source software to improve the pedagogical experience for students in African universities. Met peers and made friends at University of Dar es Salaam, Obafemi Awolowo University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Global Talent for the inaugural UNLEASH Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Lab in Denmark.
Spotlight Health Scholar at the Aspen Ideas Festival.
Spoke about technology and the sharing economy at TEDx Kampala.

Kind words from colleagues

Vanessa Boys Smith - Starkey Hearing Foundation
I had the pleasure of working with Raymond and his team while building out the very first international patient database for Starkey Hearing Foundation in 2013. Raymond applied design thinking to the project, even traveling to multiple countries to observe and dissect all the steps involved in data collection (including in very rural settings) before setting out to build the database. I could not have been happier to work with Raymond on such a monumental project- one that took the first evidenced based, on-the-ground accounting of the foundation’s true footprint. Raymond and his team were wonderful to work with!
Aneri Pradhan - Enventure Enterprises
Raymond is a really sharp, innovative, and bright engineering mind. He has a great eye for UX design and experience. I highly recommend him for product management or front-end projects and am excited to see what new technologies he introduces to the market.
Assey Mukasa - UNICEF Uganda
I directly supervised Raymond when he worked with the software development team at UNICEF T4D (Kampala) in 2012. Raymond is a keen product designer and developer with an eye to detail. He worked closely with UNICEF program staff and the Ministry of Education and Sports to design and develop a school monitoring software product which was later rolled out in over 26 districts across the country. He loves to work with products that catch and captivate the specific interests and needs of the end user. I would highly recommend Raymond for work in software development, software product design, business analysis, quality assurance roles and other functions of the software development life cycle.
Heather Kun - HK Impact Advisors
I was a consultant working beside Raymond. His enthusiasm and creativity are fantastic when creating a website or database. An ease to work besides!
Gabriela Leite-Soares - Catalpa International
Raymond is a professional and motivated designer who cares about producing products that are useful for our end-users. He kept asking important questions such as “how can we create better products that people want to use?” and “is this product really useful for our end-users?”