Hi, I'm Ray Besiga. Product Designer.

I help organizations of all sizes with the design, development and management of digital products.

I have 8 years experience in web, mobile, e-commerce & early stage product design, development and project management.

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Contracted by the World Bank CGAP to support MTN Group in how they transition to an open API business model and engage and motivate third parties to innovate leveraging the digital payment rails. Project involved testing the API, providing comprehensive documentation, design and development of the Developer Portal, as well as conducting developer trainings.

Developer Portal - August 2018



Designed and built Ihato's flagship e-commerce store. It supports simple inventory management, order fulfillment, and the ability to run sales and marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Store - April 2018

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Urb Your City

Urb Your City

Designed and built the Urb Your City Android app. Uurb Your City is a service request platform for people living in cities in sub-Saharan Africa. There is an on-going pilot in Kampala, Uganda.

Android App - March 2017

Uganda Bike Safaris

Uganda Bike Safaris

One of the most exciting travel companies in Uganda needed a website to showcase their motorcycle tour packages. As a nature and motorcycle lover, I thoroughly enjoyed designing and building this.

Website - June 2018

Envision Mobile


Initial product design and android development for the Envision Mobile POS system for rural entrepreneurs in the developing world. The app operates on a 2G network or completely offline if network access is limited.

Android App - June 2017

Tribe Kampala

Tribe Kampala

Tribe Kampala, a coworking and community space for individuals and teams to build skills, foster collaboration and nurture innovation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kampala needed a website to showcase affordable and flexible access to a premium workspace.

Website - July 2017

Liga Inan

Liga Inan

UI/UX Design, Frontend and Python development for Liga Inan, a project by Catalpa International using mobile phones to connect expectant mothers with health providers to improve the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and birth in Timor-Leste.

Mobile Web App - Nov 2015 to Sept 2016



Designed and built a local crowdfunding and social payments application for Uganda. Akabbo is the centralized management platform to promote and crowdfund for campaigns and social events.

Python Web App - November 2014


From people I have worked with

I had the pleasure of working with Raymond and his team while building out the very first international patient database for Starkey Hearing Foundation in 2013. Raymond applied design thinking to the project, even traveling to multiple countries to observe and dissect all the steps involved in data collection (including in very rural settings) before setting out to build the database. I could not have been happier to work with Raymond on such a monumental project- one that took the first evidenced based, on-the-ground accounting of the foundation’s true footprint. Raymond and his team were wonderful to work with!

Vanessa Boys Smith, Starkey Hearing Foundation

Raymond is a really sharp, innovative, and bright engineering mind. He has a great eye for UX design and experience. I highly recommend him for product management or front-end projects and am excited to see what new technologies he introduces to the market.

Aneri Pradhan, Enventure Enterprises

I directly supervised Raymond when he worked with the software development team at UNICEF T4D (Kampala) in 2012. Raymond is a keen product designer and developer with an eye to detail. He worked closely with UNICEF program staff and the Ministry of Education and Sports to design and develop a school monitoring software product which was later rolled out in over 26 districts across the country. He loves to work with products that catch and captivate the specific interests and needs of the end user. I would highly recommend Raymond for work in software development, software product design, business analysis, quality assurance roles and other functions of the software development life cycle.

Assey Mukasa, UNICEF Uganda

I was a consultant working beside Raymond. His enthusiasm and creativity are fantastic when creating a website or database. An ease to work besides!

Heather Kun, HK Impact Advisors

Raymond is a professional and motivated designer who cares about producing products that are useful for our end-users. He kept asking important questions such as “how can we create better products that people want to use?” and “is this product really useful for our end-users?”

Gabriela Leite-Soares, Catalpa International

As an entrepreneur and design technologist, I work to empower people with a result-oriented systems thinking approach to product and service design. As such, I have experiece designing and building things for and with some pretty cool companies and people around the world. Here's a list of some of them:

  • World Bank
  • MTN Group
  • Ensibuuko
  • Catalpa International
  • UNICEF Uganda
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation
  • RTI International
  • University Research Company
  • Bboxx Capital
  • Maxwell Stamp
  • Infectious Diseases Institute
  • Mango Tree Uganda
  • Polo Safaris
  • Enventure Enterprises

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