Sublime Text 2 is.. sublime!

Sublime Text

I recently started a new gig at the UNICEF Uganda Office working on the EduTrac and MTrack projects. This means I have already spent countless hours coding and debugging code in a huge software repository. Its been a wonderful learning process already and I cannot wait to share my learning experiences. However, that will be for other posts.

Given the amount of time spent in a code editor during the development workflow, you have to ensure you surround yourself with the tools that best enable the process. This particular post is just to share my love for Sublime Text 2. It can be downloaded here. There are so many great features and demos of what one can do with Sublime, head over to the website and watch the demo. Make sure to look out for:

These are some of my favorite. It is also highly customizable once you download Package Control. Not to mention that it comes with a default theme similar to Google Chrome. Of course, you can always customize the theme to your preferred flavor. A great and popular theme is the Soda Theme that you can get here on Github. It allows for light and dark theming, among other things. A good article on more custommizations can be found there.

In regard to plugins to ease work, you can easily integrated Sublime with Git , highlight syntax errors , and keep a history of your clipboard for the hacking all-nighters.

It is a wonderful editor. Helps keep up the productivity. What tools do you best like to use in your development workflow?

Update. So, I found out a way to launch Sublime from the Terminal thanks to Olivier Lacan, you can find the details in the gist: Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal