An inspiration to write

Hey folks,

It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I feel that it is an injustice to myself and whoever has even a slight interest in reading about my experiences.

It has been a few crazy, but brilliant months in which I got the guts to quit my job at UNICEF Uganda, and start a company with a former colleague. Something that I had been itching to do but had not had the guts to go through with for a really long time.

Tell your heart that the fear of failure is worse than failure itself.

―Paulo Coelho

If one can come to overcome their fear of failure, then boundless opportunities are abound. In my opinion, a lot of good comes out of breaking convention, and riding against the tide.

Fast-forward a few months later and I am now C.E.O of one of the most formidable custom software and business technology firms in the region with clients from all over the world. And the added advantage is that we get to work on projects that motivate us, have great social impact in developing countries, and foster sustainable development.

I hope to write a piece about some of the sustainable projects we’ve been able to be a part of thus far, thanks in a major part to our clients at a later time. For now though, I just wanted to write something, anything really, to get me back into it.

Oh, and it happens to be a Friday so go out there, relax, do something that makes you happy. Have some fun!

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