Ray Besiga

I left Opareta

17 Mile Drive in Carmel, California, USA. June 2024.
17 Mile Drive. Carmel, California, USA. June 2024.

Just over 3 months ago, on March 31, 2024, I left my role as co-founder of Opareta.

In managing the transition, there was a need to communicate this in a way that reassured both internal and external stakeholders of the company’s continued potential.

With our team, I shared the following letter:

Dear Opareta Team,

I write today to inform you that March 31, 2024, will be my last day as co-founder of Opareta. I am honored to have worked with you all to take Opareta from a fledgling idea, 5 years ago, to the organization that, today, provides immense value to our partners and their customers in the Gambia, Angola, and Uganda.

As we have grown into a global team with colleagues in Accra, Beirut, Kampala, Lagos, Lilongwe, Lisbon, and Nairobi, it has been a pleasure and privilege to watch you grow and take on ever-evolving challenges with a keen sense of fellowship. I cannot fathom a better team to build the infrastructure required to enable the delivery of financial services through open, dynamic, highly efficient agent networks.

As I step away from day-to-day operations, I have full confidence in Mike and the leadership team, and in their ability to deliver on our mission and vision, guided by the values that anchor our culture at Opareta.

While I do not downplay what we have achieved so far, the best is yet to come. I will miss you all but I trust that we shall stay in touch. Smooth Opareta Out.

And for our current and prospective investors, my co-founder Mike shared the following:

Before we get into this quarter’s business update, I wanted to share some important news regarding the Opareta leadership team. Our visionary co-founder - Ray Besiga - has resigned from his position as CIO to focus on new projects.

Ray has been an integral part of the Opareta journey, setting the company’s initial vision and leading technical execution. As one of the continent’s most visionary technologists, Ray has not only dreamt up a world where agent-led distribution is fully democratized, but also built a world-class product to make that dream a reality. I’ll forever be thankful to Ray for opening my eyes to this incredible opportunity, inspiring me to take the entrepreneurial leap, and teaching me how to take a startup from 0 to 1.

Kind words.

Taking Opareta from an idea in my notebook to an entity that continues to enhance access to mobile financial services for many Africans today was an enriching experience. I learned so much and for that I am grateful.

Over the last 3 months, I have taken time to read, reflect, travel and do research. This period of exploration has left me brimming with excitement for what comes next. I am keen to explore new opportunities and challenges. If you are interested in collaboration or have an exciting opportunity, please do not hesitate to reach out. Aluta continua!

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