Ray Besiga

Urb - Better Your City

Africa's first urban community participation platform

Urb is Africa's first community participation platform for urban areas. Urb gives citizens the ability to set the agenda for change in their communities. Collective participation and action drives civic engagement and enables a smarter, more inclusive approach to public service delivery and policy making.

The desire to build Urb stemmed from the lack of a complete feedback mechanism to drive active, intentional dialogue between citizens and public decision makers and service providers in my city Kampala. From a government standpoint, cities have had to adapt to changing customer expectations of public service delivery. This, however, gets hard to do with tightening government spending. As cities seek to reduce cost of service delivery, they need the right tools to go about it. Urb provides a solution for them in the following ways:

  • Citizen alerts for public works and repairs.
  • Managed knowledge base for public services and information.
  • Centralized tracking and resolution of community issues.

With cities responsive and working with the right tools, citizens benefit from using Urb in the following ways:

  • Important notifications from local authorities in your location.
  • Real-time sharing and response to issues in your community.
  • Simplified community participation with social-media integration.

Read more about Urb here or download the Android app here