Ray Besiga


Africa's mobile-money based online fundraising platform for the projects you care about.

East Africa's first mobile-money powered crowdfunding platform was built with an aim to leverage the ubiquitous mobile money wallets and local payment remittance methods to take the pain out of fund collection for well meaning social campaigns.

As a part of the art, culture and social scene, I was constantly approached by artists, makers and social workers to help them fundraise. They not only needed to collect funds from members within their networks, but also without. Given that the available platforms such as IndieGogo and KickStarter mainly catered to the developed world, my Sparkplug colleagues and I went about interviewing them about how best a platform of this nature would work in a local context but have global relevance.

The key highlights of our findings:

  • Security: They need to easily redeem the collected funds from a trusted source.
  • Convenience: A quick way to get the funds into their mobile wallets for ease of use
  • Visibility: The campaigns had to be shareable over social media

As such, Akabbo was built to allow for highly visible campaigns, and collect funds over both mobile money and credit and debit card securely. Akabbo was designed from the get-go to be light, fast and responsive for the myriad of mobile devices avaiable locally in Uganda.

Akabbo can be seen here